The new site of Chiave di Svolta has been updated. This site has been made using only open source programs, so we can avoid a proprietary software, so : no frontpage, no dreamweaver, non photoshop but gimps, simply html editors..

In other words no mac or windows, no operative system fee, simply linux!

In this way this is the transposition in the net of a publishing project that has as first objective to be "open source":
*no copyrighted books
*decentralized and "atopical" group organization!
*"personal" distribution (by car, bike, scooter, foot..)
*"personal paging" (at home, by night, in latex..)
*no money to the "owners" (distribution firms, SIAE, big industries, firms..)
*Playing, no working: our purpose (as anyono can see) is not that of earning, and the mean is not that of subdivision and hierarchization of work.