Chiave di svolta is a cultural association founded in 2000, which, after a long road, has taken a new style, a new programm, a new point of view, a new unexpected objective; from the dust of a philosophical commitment a little too much.. pretensious, selective, rigid and sometimes.. irritating, has risen the wish of working together to promote every kind of creativity that, working with words and images, can create new interesting artistic experiencies, that can give to readers, listeners and audience a new approach from a new perspective, that can find and expand a new, free and indipendent space of production. The time that has passed (between 2000 and 2006) had given his fruits, and some products had already born: Chiave di svolta had already realized and producted videos, that are only attempts, samples of an activity that will expand itself and produce short films out of time and space, documentaries full of care, commitment and rigour, videos extremely frenzy or terribly "in".. All this kind of "extreme" productions will take your breath away in contests, shows, festivals and meetings. Chiave di svolta - formalities exceptuated - has no fixed place.. it is in the net, maybe is only a virtual place.. Our work is a well-organised dispersion of people, forces, resources, interests: we don't meet each other every night, behind a little desk full of written sheets and old books. And we don't think we wiil ever do it.. We're thousand miles apart, but we're reading the same unknown writings, working on the same roughs, on the same script.. Sending e-mails obsesively, communicating by chats, skype, sms, blogs.. Our seat will be large as the net, and the publishing firm will be able to distribute its products in a way very, very particular.. If you want join our mailing list to be informed about our activities, please click here.